Friday, September 23, 2011

Windows 8 Beta Version News

Tuesday, September 13, was an important day in the history of the computer industry, as an industry giant showed off its true mettle. The day will be remembered world over as on this very day, Microsoft launched the beta version of the Windows 8 operating system on a Samsung tablet. The occasion was the just concluded Build Professional Developers Conference, which was held in Anaheim, California from September 13-16, 2011

This beta version was specially launched for developers so that they could have a hands-on experience with the platform and start working on developing useful apps for this operating system.

With the beta version now released, the final version of Windows 8 is expected to come by the fall of next year. This new change is going to be a major one, as Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows Division of Microsoft said, “Things are a lot different than in 1995, the last time Windows went through a major change.”

With the beta version of Windows 8 launched, the question that comes is what is new this time around. It is obvious that the new operating system has end number of enticing features. Windows 8 not just works for PCs (desktops and laptops), but also for tablets. Windows 8 also has a Metro interface that till now can only be seen in Windows Phone 7 and XBOX 360 Dashboard. Windows 8 has been specially designed for touchscreens and that’s the reason why it will be able to work perfectly on tablet PCs. Another significant feature of this OS is its amazing speed. Windows 8 can boot up in merely eight seconds. Not to mention, the Metro UI launches apps within no time.

With these and much more features, Windows 8 is billed by developers who attended the conference to throw everyone else out of the competition. Let us wait till the full version comes out.



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