Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Download Windows 8

This is Windows popularity or people are looking for totally new OS which can changes the way we use computer today. Windows 7 is still in RC and final release is little far from now but people are searching for Windows 8 download it can look like a joke but why people so curious about Windows 8.

There are lots of rumors started for Windows 8 like some are saying it will be whole new OS it can be cloud-based.

There are rumors with the codename of Windows 8 which will be called “Midori”.

There is news that Microsoft has started planning for Windows 8 and started to hire some new developers for Windows 8. The release of Windows 8 can be in 2011 or 2012.

Sorry there is no download for Windows 8 for now as it is not yet build. Mean while you can have a look of Windows 8 Concept Video.

Update: Windows 8 Developer Preview Released

Recently Microsoft has released Windows 8 developer preview. If you want to test drive Windows 8then you can download this from link below:
       Download Windows 8 Developer Preview with developer tools (x64)


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