Friday, November 11, 2011

Samsung Windows 8 Tablets in Mid-2012

Samsung tablets running Windows 8 were given away to developers at the BUILD2011 conference this September and they seem to have been the prototypes of an actual Windows 8 tablet that the company intends to release next year.

Samsung Windows 8 Developer Preview Tablets The Precursor To Actual Release

The Samsung made tablets that were given away at the BUILD2011 conference with the Windows 8 Developer Preview Build installed were based on existing Series 7 Slate PC devices made by Samsung. According to industry reports, the Korean company is planning to release actual Series 7 Slate devices running Windows 8 in the second half next year.

Samsung Head of Sales and Marketing, Uhm Kyu Ho, confirmed that the company will launch such a device in the second half of 2012. The device will apparently come with a keyboard. For those who want to stay productive and still want to use a tablet, this would be a good option.

Windows 8 Slate From Samsung Would Be Able To Run Desktop Also

If Samsung does base their commercial release model on the ones that were given away in September, the final slate devices would be able to run the full Windows 8 experience; including the Desktop part of the OS. This is because the Windows 8 slates that were given away had battery efficient x86 chips from Intel as their CPU’s and not ARM chips. As you might know by now, the Desktop side of Windows 8 can only run on x86. ARM based devices will only be able to run the Metro side of the OS.

With the Samsung’s Windows 8 tablets already in circulation amongst developers and enthusiasts, the company is already ahead of its competition when it comes to market exposure. So if they can ride this wave and go on to release a well thought out product — their tablet will definitely get noticed in the crowded market that all Windows 8 Tablets are going to be a part of by the end of next year.
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