Monday, November 7, 2011

Data security and management in Windows 8

Businesses can better protect business data throughout the data creation, storage, and access lifecycle. PCs running Windows 8 can better resist malware because of a trusted boot-up process that automatically repairs drivers and reinforces policies—with no action required from users. IT pros can require new apps to run in restricted environments, reducing user down-time and the theft of sensitive data.

Data encryption is improved as well. Windows 8 enables an always-on data encryption mechanism, running in the background to help ensure that data is safe even when the device is lost. Windows 8 includes easy-touse tools so IT pros can identify accepted and forbidden apps run on business computers. Windows 8 simplifies access control management to help ensure the right people have access to appropriate data across corporate infrastructure.

Measured boot

Improved Active Directory-based activation

Windows 8 enables activation of Windows-based computers based on user identities in the Active Directory®,without requiring additional infrastructure. Windows Server also includes a new Volume Activation role to quickly and efficiently configure servers as a Key Management Server host to activate both Windows 7 and Windows 8 clients.

Active Directory-based activation lets Windows 8 systems be activated in an enterprise environment using their current Active Directory implementation and the same Windows product activation technologies used by IT pros for licensing today.

Client Hyper-V
Streamlined deployment


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