Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Windows 8 Features

This new OS is in pre-beta stage at the moment and we can expect many new features added later but lets see what we know so far.
  • Windows 8 is optimized to run on both Intel and  ARM architecture. Which means it can run smoothly giving top-notch performance even on tablet devices and net-books with 1GB memory.
  • The new system boots really quick in about 7 seconds.
  • Features a home screen filled with colorful tiles taking the user directly into applications such as Facebook, messaging or news feeds.
  • Colorful tile-based Metro style interface similar to Windows Mobile 7
  • It uses less memory to run than Windows 7 allowing more free space for apps. Windows 7 SP1 runs with 400 MB memory & 32 processes while Windows 8 will run on about 280MB memory & 29 processes.
  • The whole new IE 10 browser (Sorry, I don’t use IE at all)
  • Windows Online App Store: For the first time Microsoft has introduced a dedicated App Store for Windows devices similar to what we already have since ages for Linux, iOS, Android & BlackBerry.
  • Though it is primarily designed for touch devices, it will be usable on PCs with Mouse and Keyboards as well.
  • Split keyboard feature for tablet devices similar to what iOS 5 will have for iPads
  • Split screens to use multiple applications at the same time & stretch windows on multiple screens
  • Re-constructed task manager and control panel
  • NFC (Near Field Communications) support
  • Built-in Hyper-V virtualization simialr to VMware’s popular Hypervisor
  • Improved security with built-in Windows Defender
  • Syncing photos, email, calendar and contacts with other devices through the Cloud storage
  • System-wide spell check and auto-completion
  • Integrated full featured Search module to find pictures, videos, files, notifications from storage, emails and social networking profiles , similar to spotlight search on iOS devices.
  • Metro style apps built for Windows 8 will be the focus point which fills the entire screen so there are no distractions.
  • Everything that works on Windows 7 will work on Windows 8 and Hardware that could run Windows 7 can run Windows 8 too. (This was very different when Windows 7 was launched demanding many changes in hardware and software)


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