Monday, December 19, 2011

Windows 8 Beta Installation Screenshots Leaked

The leaks of Windows 8 screenshots continue with the latest one coming from Win8China.The latest screenshots reveal the installation of Windows 8 Beta build which is slated to be released in late February along with Windows 8 Store.

The first screenshots shows the Product key screen,the major difference is that the installation is now optimized for the on screen keyboard unlike the previous versions,so you can straight away switch to the OSK mode to type the product key right from the touch input method.

The new Windows 8 beta setup shows up options for “keeping windows settings”,personal files and apps or choose to “keep nothing” from the previous Windows installation.So when you choose the Keeping windows settings option your previous windows system files and apps will be retained after the installation while the keep nothing option won’t move the previous version files to the newer version,so those earlier files won’t be retained in the new system installation.


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