Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Windows 8 Store Panoramic Mode Pictures Leaked

There is no stopping the leaks of the Windows 8 Store,yesterday we saw some leaks showing up the music beta app from the Windows 8 Store and now Win8China have added some more leaks to the Windows 8 Store list.

The latest leaked pictures of the Windows 8 Store reveals the Panoramic Mode of the Windows 8 Store.As we can see from the First Screenshot below the panoramic mode of the Windows 8 Store shows up various app tiles like the Weather app,Socialite app then the games,music and other apps in the panoramic view.

You can see the zoomed in screenshots of the App tiles from the Gallery below,The first block reads:”Have a new computer, but are not sure where to start? To your computer to install the necessary applications.”

Then it shows up the Weather and Socialite app as mentioned above,the 2nd block in the panoramic view lists the Games in the Windows 8 Store,3rd and 4th blocks shows up the Music app,video and the books and references apps while the 5th and 6th block showing up news and weather and some other stuff.

Windows 8 Store will launch along with the Windows 8 Beta release in February next year,but that won’t stop the flurry of leaks of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Store pictures over the web.We can expect some more leaks in coming days.



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