Monday, December 12, 2011

Windows 8 Store Welcomes Open Source Apps

Microsoft Windows operating system has been the most popular system operating system in terms of global market share with the current one i.e Windows 7 being the most popular one with over 500 million licenses and counting.The successor to Windows 7 i.e Windows 8 is being designed and near to a beta release in the month of February 2012 which will also see the release of Windows 8 Store for the Metro based apps.

Last week Microsoft previewed the Windows 8 Store and along with that also opened a new contest for the developers who want their apps to be featured first when the Store is released in a couple of months time,at the time of release there will be only free apps available over the store.

Those who thought that Microsoft won’t allow open source apps to the platform,well Microsoft thinks otherwise.As spotted earlier by TheRegister in the Windows 8 Store’s Developer’s agreement Microsoft will allow developers to develop their apps using any open source licenses as long as it’s been approved by the OSI(Open Source Initiative).

Here’s what the Agreement read:

“Your license terms must also not conflict with the Standard Application License Terms, in any way, except if you include FOSS, your license terms may conflict with the limitations set forth in Section 3 of those Terms, but only to the extent required by the FOSS that you use. ‘FOSS’ means any software licensed under an Open Source Initiative Approved License.”

“If your app includes FOSS, it must not cause any non-FOSS Microsoft software to become subject to the terms of any FOSS license.”

According to The Register Microsoft indirectly denied any support for the GPL(General Public License).So it would be interesting to see if this open source love lure the open source developers to take interest in the Windows 8 Store app development.


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